Furadouro Boutique Hotel: your hotel in Ovar
Furadouro Boutique Hotel: your hotel in Ovar
Ovar is a town on the north coast of Portugal. As in any city, tranquillity can be found in any of its corners.
Ovar is a town on the north coast of Portugal. As in any city, tranquillity can be found in any of its corners.

Ovar town is a place of very friendly people, willing to help you if you get lost, telling you which are the most beautiful places to visit, where to eat and hotels in Ovar to stay.

Things to do nearby

Some of the interesting places in Ovar are the Matriz de Santa Maria de Válega Church or the São Cristóvão de Ovar Parish Church, with its facade of typical tiles from the area.
If you want to visit a museum, we suggest the Ovar Museum, constituted essentially by objects of art and ethnography, a collection that along the years has been enriched through donations from several public and private entities.
Near Ovar you will find some of the best beaches in the north of Portugal, which are well worth a visit.

Furadouro Beach

Furadouro Beach is an urban beach of the city of Ovar, located 4 km from the city centre.
Known as a fishermen's beach or a surfer's beach, depending on the season, Furadouro beach is bathed by a strong Atlantic swell.
Surrounded by a dense pine forest, this beach is about 4 km away from the centre of the city of Ovar, a distance that can be covered by bicycle through the bicycle path. Beyond the forest area, there is the Ria, whose calm waters are used by windsurfers.

San Pedro Maceda Beach

But a little further north, through a dense forest, is São Pedro Maceda beach. Once on São Pedro Maceda beach, you can look to infinity, north or south, the beach stretches for several kilometres where nature will be the only presence.

Ovar Dunes Beach

If there is another spectacular beach, with the same characteristics, it is the Dunas de Ovar beach. It seems that Ovar is a far corner from the noise, from the rush, from what our days have become, always without time to reach each crowded place. Well, Ovar is quite the opposite, the smile, the tranquillity, the solitude are possible, and always accompanied by good food.


Even further north, just 4 kilometres away, we come to a small town, Cortegaça. In Cortegaça there is also a beach, Cortegaça beach. It is a great place to rest and enjoy the sea, after a delicious meal.

How to choose a hotel in Ovar?

In Ovar you can stay at Furadouro Boutique Hotel, on the beachfront. This is the only hotel in Furadouro and it is 1 minute from the beach and about 4 kilometres from the centre of Ovar.

Furadouro Boutique Hotel is a modern hotel with a minimalist style, clean design and decoration in light tones that aims to convey to customers a sense of tranquillity, rest and relaxation, in contact with the nature that surrounds it.

This is a hotel in Ovar that is committed to sustainability, and the products used in the spa treatments are 100% natural, Portuguese, from the Lousã area.

Furadouro Boutique Hotel in Ovar also has a Spa, Bar and Golden Beach Restaurant (also open to the public) with Mediterranean cuisine, using Portuguese and local products.In addition to these amenities, it also offers a meeting room, free Wi-Fi and is bike friendly. Come to know Ovar and book now at your hotel in Ovar.