Gastronomy tourism in Ovar
Gastronomy tourism in Ovar
A tour of the gastronomy delights of the Ovar area. We share with you more about gastronomic tourism in Ovar.
It's a scientific fact: everything is better in life with a full belly! It is said that faith moves mountains, but in reality it is a divine food that gives us the energy for everything we love to do. Therefore, it is not surprising that walking with the sole purpose of tasting the delicacies of the gods is an appetizing plan for anyone. Come and delight yourself with gastronomic tourism in Ovar.

And it is in this context that Ovar stands out as an ideal destination. As in any Portuguese area, the gastronomic offer is unique and equally appetizing. Since it is a territory marked by the tradition of fishing and agriculture, the vast majority of the typical dishes of the Ovar area originated within the farming and fishing communities. From fish stew to pickled eels, eel soups and stews, to cooper steak and sardines, thousands of visitors travel to the region just to enjoy a typical and exciting meal. Still, the highlight of the Ovar region is, of course, the convent sweets. In addition to the famous soft eggs, the main specialty of the municipality is the renowned Pão-de-ló de Ovar. We are talking about a dessert in the form of bread, like a light and fluffy dough. With a thin, moist crust, brown on top, surrounded by an egg-yellow rim of creamy dough, with a characteristic aroma, this confection is usually wrapped in clown paper and makes anyone without a sweet tooth go to heaven.

Indeed, the presence of several brotherhoods and small typical restaurants in the area prove that the ancestral traditions are more than a business card, they are already a tradition in the municipality of Ovar. Many of these dishes are linked to history and medieval times, so it is normal to discover endless events especially dedicated to the theme, throughout the year and with special attention to the changes of the seasons.

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