Hotel with SPA in Ovar
Hotel with SPA in Ovar
A hotel with a Spa is an excellent option to enjoy an exceptional destination and relax. Come and discover the Furadouro Boutique Hotel in Ovar.
Along the coast in the northwest of the Centro region, Ovar has fascinating natural beauty.

With the Atlantic just a few metrEs away, Furadouro is a great alternative in the city, with great Atlantic beaches.

Why choose a hotel with a spa?

Due to the stress we experience in our daily lives, mainly caused by work and family responsibilities, sometimes we don't even think that we need a moment of relaxation. However, with high levels of stress, our body is sending us a clear message: we need a break.

Spas are places where we take care of the body, mind and soul. The power of spa treatments can provide many benefits to our overall health and wellness. One of the best ways to take advantage of these benefits is through a complete spa session that brings together different spaces and treatments that make you feel all its benefits, thus achieving complete well-being.

The most important thing is to find a suitable spa. One of our recommendations is that you take advantage of your holiday in Ovar to enjoy the benefits of a spa session, which will allow you to live a very pleasant experience of relaxation, well-being, luxury and disconnection, in a calm and pleasant environment that will promote our physical and spiritual improvement.

When it comes to finding the best Hotel with a SPA in Ovar to enjoy a few days off and be able to get massages or treatments, you have to take into account the luxury and comfort of these hotels.

These spas need to have good wellness facilities. This is, without a doubt, the main premise when choosing a Hotel with a SPA in Ovar and starting to enjoy all the benefits it will bring to our health.

SPA Services at Furadouro Boutique Hotel & SPA

Furadouro SPA stands out for providing relaxation and wellness experiences. Feel the peace and tranquillity in an elegant and modern environment.

The treatments offered are designed to relax and provide a complete sense of well-being.

The Furadouro Boutique Hotel SPA has two treatment rooms, a double VIP suite for treatments and bathing rituals, a relaxation room with heated beds and chromotherapy.

Among the services that you can enjoy are the exfoliation ritual, various types of massages, hand spa and foot spa, among others. All this in a relaxed atmosphere with the presence of essential oils. Come and enjoy a hotel with a spa in Ovar.