Romantic Getaway to Ovar
Romantic Getaway to Ovar
Located on the northwest coast of the Central region, Ovar stands out for its natural beauty, which makes the city the ideal destination for a romantic getaway.
Located on the northwest coast of the Central region, Ovar stands out for its natural beauty. The Atlantic is just steps away, making the city the ideal destination for a romantic getaway to Ovar.

In Ovar, you can visit the Aveiro lagoon, a beautiful nature reserve and a place to sail, practice stand-up paddle or kayak. As for Ovar town, it is a place where the traditional Portuguese tile occupies a preponderant place, covering the walls of churches, chapels and houses.

What to do on your romantic getaway to Ovar?

1 – Discover Furadouro beach
To the west of Ovar is the small resort of Furadouro, which has a long white sand beach, backed by dunes, stretching for miles along the coast.
If you want services and comfort, you can stay on the south side of the beach, where most of the restaurants are located. The beach is beautiful, but the water temperature is cold, so take the opportunity to relax on the sand and get your feet wet.

2 – Go to the Aveiro River
The northernmost channels of the Aveiro Lagoon are located a short distance from Ovar. The lagoon is more than 45 kilometres long and is considered by experts to be one of the last virgin wetlands in Europe. The large spaces that remain undeveloped offer refuge to otters, blue turtles, eels and foxes, but also to a diversity of birds such as herons, red herons and African fish eagles.
Near Ovar, the lagoon is touristy, with a few sandy beaches on the coast and a marina where you can rent a kayak, take a ride, or have lunch on a terrace by the water.

3 – Savoir the gastronomy of Ovar
Pão de Ló de Ovar is a luxurious sponge cake that has been made in Ovar since at least 1700. No one is sure how this cake became a speciality of the city, unless it was introduced by convents. It has a light and fluffy texture with a smooth brown crust that covers a layer of raw dough. Ovar's bakeries sell it wrapped in a characteristic white linen paper. For main courses, the Aveiro lagoon has always been a source of eels canned, fried, roasted or slow-cooked in stews.

Where to stay on your romantic getaway to Ovar?

The Furadouro Boutique Hotel & Spa will make your getaway even more romantic.This 10-year-old hotel is a boutique hotel located on the beachfront, with a privileged location, and is also the only hotel in Furadouro.

The hotel is located about 4 km from the centre of Ovar and 45 km from Aveiro, making it easy to get around the city. It is characterized by its connection with the nature that surrounds it, being a hotel that transmits tranquillity and relaxation.

Take the opportunity to relax and enjoy the Premium Sea view rooms, located on the top floor which offer incredible sea views. The whole hotel makes the guests feel totally welcomed by the city and away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, enjoying all the comfort and privacy.

Take advantage of your stay at Furadouro Boutique Hotel & Spa to enjoy a beautiful Spa with 100% natural and sustainable products in a romantic getaway.