Visit Aveiro from Ovar
Visit Aveiro from Ovar
Visit Aveiro from Ovar and enjoy a day in one of the most beautiful cities in Portugal.
For many, it is considered the Portuguese Venice. We are talking about Aveiro, capital of the district and land of sweets that make your mouth water, with a clear emphasis on the soft-boiled eggs so typical of the region. Come visit Aveiro from Ovar.

An excellent tourist destination, located less than 30 kilometres from Ovar, Aveiro tells stories of the fishing tradition combined with art. A tour of the city and surroundings includes beach, countryside, sports, gastronomy and culture, after all, everything we are looking for during holidays.

For a day in Aveiro, start by visiting the historic centre and admiring the cobbled alleys, while admiring the buildings made in Art Nouveau. The Art Nouveau Museum, which is situated on one of the banks of the Central Canal, is the best-known example, with an interior filled with colourful floral-patterned tiles. It is a must-stop for architecture lovers and requires a rigorous photographic capture.

However, the great highlight of Aveiro necessarily goes to its canals, compared to the Italian city. The centre of Aveiro is crossed by watercourses that connect with the Aveiro River and the sea. To the delight of those who visit the city, it is possible to take the tour in one of the small and colourful boats that were used to collect moliço (algae that, in the past, served as fertilizer for the region's lands). In the moliceiros, the typical fishing boats, the water crossing includes a tour and lasts approximately 45 minutes.

The surroundings of Aveiro are also full of charm. Due to its tradition and quality, the region's salt is one of the best known in the world. Therefore, it is essential to visit the salt flats, especially Marinha da Noeirinha and Marinha da Passagem.

Not far away are the enviable beaches of Aveiro, suitable for practising water sports (such as surfing) and worthy of a postcard. The Costa Nova beach, due to the colourful architecture of its houses, is a must-see, where you can enjoy the taste of fresh fish just out of the sea, another characteristic of the region. For digestion, we suggest a walk along the Passadiços de Aveiro, a 7.5-kilometre wooden path, where you can admire the vast estuary of the Ria, loaded with beautiful flora and fauna.

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