Visit Oporto from Ovar
Visit Oporto from Ovar
The 40 km between the cities are quick to travel, which will allow you to easily visit Oporto from Ovar

The 40 km between the cities is quick to travel, which makes it easy to visit Oporto from Ovar. In 2020, Oporto was considered the best European destination for an urban getaway and, in fact, the city is perfect for any type of tourism.

Recognized for its wide variety of offers, in Invicta (a name which is also known the second city of Portugal) there is the opportunity to lose yourself among the views of the Duero, to breathe the air of the beach in the Foz do Douro area and, by the way, of falling in love with the history of a city with so many points of interest.

What to see in Oporto

To get to know the city, enjoy the lower part of the city and visit Ribeira, with the historic Oporto’s wineries and much of the typical gastronomy of the region. From there, drive to São Bento and admire the centuries-old tiles that coexist in one of the most beautiful train stations in the world.

Always on foot, admire the iconic tiles of do Carmo Chuch, the cosmopolitan facades of Allies Avenue and the walk through the gardens of the Crystal Palace, a green space that allows you to rest a little, in addition to contemplating the impressive landscapes. To Gaia city, on the other side of the Duero River. In this area you can also buy some souvenirs to remember the good days, with the urban holidays that take place on weekends.

During the lunch hour, on the day of tasting the very typical Francesinha, is one of the must tastings for anyone travelling to the north of the country. If your stomach can handle it, we also recommend Tripas à Moda do Porto, a hearty plate with a variety of beans and meats.

To eat, on foot or in the beautiful trolley car, head to the Passeio Alegre Garden area, ideal for a coffee by the river. Walk and feel the breeze from the river, while you are soaked in landscapes that contain the boats that, in the past, transported barrels of wine from Oporto.

From this area, you will be very close to Foz beaches, perfect to have a drink in the late afternoon on the terrace, while enjoying the views of the sea.

Visiting Oporto from Ovar: transport and accommodation

How to get to Oporto

Ovar city is just 35 minutes from Oporto, at a distance of about 40 km. There are several available options to move between the capital of the north and Las Tejas city. Trains leave each hour and cost only 2,70 €. If you prefer to travel by bus, the journey takes approximately 1 hour, with high regularity. You can also choose a car and enjoy the excellent roads and highways that connect cities. There are many options to visit Oporto from Ovar.

Where to stay in Ovar

The modern Furadouro Boutique Hotel & Spa has a privileged location, on the beach front at Praia do Furadouro, which allows you to enjoy the comfort of Ovar and even travel to Oporto. Its wide free parking guarantees mobility between any destination while enjoying the tranquillity of being by the sea.

The proximity of the sea is an unavoidable feature of this space, which offers excellent conditions for a weekend getaway, an excellent holiday or a peaceful and restful stay on a business trip. Book your room at the best price!.