What to do in Ovar in summer
What to do in Ovar in summer
Between the sea and nature, from culture to sports, there is much to do in Ovar during the summer.

Located in the district of Aveiro, Ovar is a Portuguese city known for having a coastline that comprises the largest segment of low, gentle coastline in the country. Owner of priceless natural beauty, Ovar is very close to the ocean, with wild beaches, ideal for surfing and other water sports. On the outskirts of Ovar you will also find the Aveiro Lake, a natural reserve perfect for practising sports such as stand-up paddle or kayak. In addition, Ovar is the tile capital, with a route of traditional Portuguese tiles, which covers the facades of churches, chapels, houses and city squares. Come and discover what to do in Ovar in summer!

Perfect to be visited throughout the year, Ovar gains yet another beauty during the summer months. For bicycle lovers, we suggest a ride along the trails in the Ovar area. There are more than 40 kilometres built, and Ovar is one of the municipalities with one of the largest and most extensive bike lane networks in the country, the Cycling Mobility Network and the Pedestrian Street of the Municipality of Ovar. In the municipality, among many others, there is also the Ecopista do Atlântico - the Estrada Florestal Cycling Route, which connects the beaches of Esmoriz to Furadouro through the interior of the forest and the dunes, in an area of ​​about 10 kilometres. Basically, it is a balance between blue and green, river and sea landscapes, with the charm of the coastal pine forests, with silence or simply with the relaxing sounds of nature.

But there are many more activities to do in Ovar during the summer. Take a tour of the region's beautiful churches and museums. The churches are colourful, abundantly ornamental and well worth a visit. The museums, for their part, are closely linked to the traditions of the area, with a focus on daily seafaring life. Therefore, we suggest the Church of Válega, the Main Church of Ovar, the Júlio Dinis House-Museum, the Oliveira Lopes School Museum and the Ethnographic Museum of Válega.

During the summer, another perfect activity to relax is to walk along the Esmoriz Footbridges. Barrinha de Esmoriz/Lagoa de Paramos is the most important wetland on the Portuguese north coast and occupies 396 of the municipalities of Espinho and Ovar. It is a coastal lagoon that periodically communicates with the sea through a channel in the dune cord. For this reason, the views from the walkways are perfect, with several entrance doors that allow you to enter a natural territory inhabited by different species of fish, mammals and birds, with a green beauty that surrounds us.

Of course, the coast is another option to enjoy Ovar during the summer. Furadouro Beach, with its safe white sand, is a great way to spend sunny days by the sea. For all these activities, Furadouro Hotel & Spa is the ideal hotel to stay. At Furadouro Hotel & Spa, you will be 1 minute from Furadouro beach, facing the sea, and there you will be able to apprehend all the essence of Ovar during the summer. Enjoy and disconnect from the busy day to day. Book your room at Furadouro Hotel & Spa now!